Founded in 2004, Computer Gateway Technologies (U) Ltd has grown to become Uganda’s leading,
dependable and innovative IT firm. Providing unrivalled service to our clients is the commitment of this IT firm
and hallmark of our services. We work with each client to ensure that our products and services are designed to
yield the results that you require at a fair price and on a timely basis.

We are more than just an IT firm: we
are your trusted advisors and partners in offering full – range high quality IT solutions and supplies
to meet your entire home and business needs whilst ensuring maximum continuity and growth for
your business.
We strive for long term relationships that build trust and a thorough understanding of our
clients’ industries.

The firm has over 8 years’ experience in providing professional, high – quality, innovative and dependable IT
services and supplies at affordable rates in the comfort and convenience of your business or residential location.
Our Firm boasts of twelve (12) some of the most talented, highly qualified and experienced Engineers ,
Technicians and Web designers in Uganda many of whom have received advanced IT training in the region’s
leading institutions. Our team therefore has the unique capability to handle matters in a manner that incorporates
and balances technical considerations in various entities and this has cemented our strong reputation in the IT
industry as the premier breeding for provision of top quality IT services in Uganda.

Computer Gateway Technologies (U) Ltd has the size, the strength and the resources to provide quality
results and has been a leading solution – provider on many technical problems that raise new and complex
questions of IT that have not been addressed previously. The firm has consistently been the choice for clients
with complex and unusually challenging technical situations and we are a player in the nation’s technological and
economic development.
Our clients by extension are the direct beneficiaries of the priceless “technical know- how” that our firm has
cultivated over the years.