Logical HRM

software-developmentLogicalHRM is a system that effectively automates various aspects of HR, payroll and personnel management. It helps you maintain your company’s employee database, store and manage employee records, manage employee leave days, process payroll and send pay slips and so on.

To serve their wide audience and keep customers happy some staff travel away from their workstation and the company pays a stipend or per diem, for subsistence. Where money goes, so goes the taxman. From the salaries and other earnings, staff have to pay taxes to the Government. Once in a while, staff are entitled to take leave from work. These are among the daily chores in every organization.

Naturally someone or a team of people have to record, and make sense of this human resource (HR) data. The best organizations automate these repetitive HR chores for precision, time saving, customer satisfaction and most importantly to ensure their time is spent in pursuit of the things they enjoy.

LogicalHRM is a human resource management platform that takes care of day-to-day HR management tasks.