We at Computer Gateway Technologies offer systematic and immediate support to your network, servers
and workstations, managed by our certified IT Professionals and Support Staff. From just maintaining your
computer hardware and software, we put together serious of measures so that your computer systems are in good health all the time. We have very pocket friendly preventive maintenance packages that will suite your organizational’s needs. Our well defined support and maintenance contract will cover a wide of services that will be beneficial to your organization.



Note: For period that exceeds 3 hours,the daily rates shall apply.


Network design be it small, medium to large, structural cabling of both data and voice are one of our key
areas in our IT niche. We do proactive maintenance and eliminate network related problems before they
begin. Our expertly trained and highly qualified engineers incorporate leading-edge infrastructure and
monitoring systems into your computer networking process. With our services you will enjoy enhanced
network security and stability, reduced downtime, and lower network support expenses.


We believe a mission without a backup plan is no mission. At computer gateway we help you realize that
data is most important when you need it and protecting your data and maximizing uptime in your business
requires a solution that delivers speed, reliability, simplicity and cost savings. Whatever the size of your
business, we give you the required solution as per the assessment of the equipment and data in your
premises thus results will be a perfect fit for your business.


Disaster Recovery Planning is a factor that makes the critical difference between organizations that can
successfully manage crisis with minimal cost and with maximum speed, and those that are left picking up
the pieces for untold lengths of time and at whatever cost providers decide to charge; these forces
organizations to make decisions out of desperation.
Detailed disaster recovery plans can prevent many of the heartaches and headaches experienced by an
organization in times of disaster, by having practiced plans, not only for equipment and network recovery,
but also plans that precisely outline what steps each person involved in recovery efforts should undertake.
Organizations can improve their recovery time and minimize the time that their normal business functions
are disrupted. Mitigating your risks from disasters is not a technical issue, it is a business decision. It’s
important to have a reliable solution for responding to such interruptions, and restoring your critical
business functions smoothly. Modern day businesses demand minimalistic tolerance for down-time and
greater expectations of data availability. That is why with our preventive maintenance planning we can
help you minimize down-time by putting up measures to reduce loss of data, computer and network


Computer Gateway Technologies ensures that the critical processes of taking hardware and software
preventative measures to protect the underlying networking infrastructure from unauthorized access,
misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction, or improper disclosure, thereby creating a secure platform
for computers, users and programs to perform their permitted critical functions within a secure
We also include managed Antivirus Solutions, like the indomitable Avira Antivir Products that is an all-round
computer protection.


The internet has vastly changed and it is no longer a luxury where people go online to surf for pleasure,
but it has become a business tool where people or organizations relate, communicate and transact.
Customers go online to find you, be it by their desktops, laptops, smartphones or pads. Therefore, if you
are not online with an attractive yet functional website then you are losing



We design, develop and integrate leading industrial solutions in education, media, marketing, procurement, health care, manufacturing, telecommunication, engineering, finance and property management. Computer Gateway combines Rational Unified Process Methodology and Agile software and web development in everyday practice. This ensures that best modern practices in system development are applied and enables short development cycles. Computer Gateway helps enterprises streamline, standardize and manage business processes by automating critical business operations.

Below are some of the systems we have deploy for our clients.

LogicalHRM System
User Activity
Monitoring Software
by Ekran Systems
Apex Banking Software
Apex Core Banking Solution

Our solutions have a high ease of use, simple to understand, and are visually appealing despite the fact that they are built on complex principles and technologies. Our technological skills and expertise allows us to develop software rapidly, accurately and recursively. Computer Gateway Technologies has extensive experience in software architecture design, software and web development, integration, technical support and maintenance, as well as mobile solutions development.